fk this

I know no one reads this and I don’t really care for anyone to I just want to vent at the fact that he is such a jerk. everything Is always about him. he has exciting news no matter how mug we argue I get excited for him and most the time surprise him with something for it. but as soon as I want to tell him something he stops talking. cool. he does nothing for me, I mean I don’t need anyone to do things for me I’ll be fine without it and I don’t expect much of anything from him but I’m so sick of everything being about him and everything being my freaking fault. screw you. your so self centered it’s pathetic. I worry myself over you constantly always running back to you and what do I get in return? nothing. you can’t even tell me how you feel about me. it’s complete BS. half the time idk where you are, who your with or what your doing and if I ask I get short answered,cussed at, or your a complete smarta. whatever.